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Drag / Multi-select in Design Author

One of the less discovered features in design Author is the ability to drag select a number of components at once using the mouse. This is achieved by holding down the left mouse button for a short while before beginning the drag select. If the left mouse button isn't held down for long enough, design Author assumes you are trying to drag the whole diagram or select an element rather than begin a drag select.


The functionality has recently been improved so that it is possible to start the drag when you are positioned in a lane, which should make it much more useful.

The other options for selecting multiple items is to select items with the mouse while holding down the CTRL/⌘ key. This works in the diagram and the Table of Contents


drag multi select.gif

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    Derek Potratz

    This is a huge feature that needs to be broadcast out more if possible :) , as many factors (bulk moving process actions, bulk selection of actions for alignment and more) rely on this function for ease of use.  Maybe even a multi select icon somewhere that when you hover over it gives the multi select tool tip. It would be even better if under options you could change what triggers screen drag so click/drag would always do multi select and right click or middle mouse click would function as your click to drag option. I could even see a CTRL+Click/Drag functioning as either option. 


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