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How to Spellcheck in Web Author

The BusinessOptix Web Author has drastically improved over the past year with further BPMN 2.0 support and powerful extensions. One of the several brand new author tools is Spellcheck. 

You can spellcheck your process model by following the steps below:

Step 1:
Clicking on the 'Spell check' button under the 'Actions' section. Make sure you have saved the model before doing so.

Once this button has been clicked, every object in the model along with their properties will be looped through to check if there are any spelling errors. 


Step 2:
A BusinessOptix Spell Check pop up window will appear once it picks up on a spelling mistake in the process model. The word containing the spelling mistake will be highlighted. This word can be ignored or changed to a word the spellchecker suggests. Once one of these options has been chosen, the spell checker will continue its process, picking up the next spelling error.

Step 3:
If at any point  the spell check process needs to be stopped, click on the 'Stop Spell Check' button. This will immediately stop the process.

Alternatively, if the spell check process is left to run, once it has checked through all objects and their properties, you will be notified of the completed spell check.




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