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Manage Home page customisation in Library

In BusinessOptix Showcase, users have the freedom to customise their homepage for their own library. There are a number of features that can be altered and changed to the users liking which we will touch on in this article. 

When on the Showcase home page, in the top right hand corner you will see 'Manage'. This will take you to all the customisation options for the whole library. 

On the customisation page you will see a list of links on the right that shows all what can be changed in this library. By clicking on the 'Customise Home Page' link, this will take you to the home page customisation options. 


Upon clicking that button, you should see this...

You have two options, the first being that you can use an external page to act as the homepage to this library, which just needs a URL of the external page, or the existing home page can be customised. When choosing the second option, the page will be extended with all the features that can be changed to the existing home page. 

This starts off by showing you that a welcome header and welcome message can be added to this library for when it is opened by the user. HTML markup can be used by the user for the welcome message. 


The next feature that can be changed is the logo shown on the homepage. Users can upload a JPG image file of their chosen logo and once uploaded this will show on their showcase homepage. The JPG image must be approximately 200 pixels wide by 70 pixels high. 

The last feature involves the links displayed on the home page. The options for customising these links includes editing, deleting and re-ordering. 

While in 'Customize home page', an option will be visible under 'Actions'. This allows a new home page link or items to be added to the library home page.

Here, a URL can be added, a new label using HTML markup and a new image. There is also an option to open the new link in a new window or tab. 



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