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Managing your library

BusinessOptix admin users are offered some flexibility to manage their own library. Here we will run through the features and actions available under library management in BusinessOptix.


  • User List - lets the admin check all the users who have access to this library along with their details. They also have the option to add, edit or delete users.


  • Access Control - shows which group of users have access to certain files and folders. Thus they will have access to the sub-folders of these folders. If a user is not part of a group that has access to a folder, then they will not have access to any of the sub-folders in it.


  • Groups - Shows the users that are within a particular group. This list of users can be edited to alter which members are within this group.


  • Customise Home Page - Lets user customise the appearance of the library's home page.


  • Settings - allows users to customise the behaviour of their library.


  • Importers & Exporters - can enable and disable importers and exporters in Author.


  • Comment Moderation - user can see all the comments made for any model in the library with its date, time and author of the comment. These comments can be deleted by the user.


  • Styles - defines which styles will be used when the library automatically generates documentation for models. A new style can even be added under the 'Actions' section. The stencil, HTML style and PDF style need to be specified for a new style to be successful.

  • Unlock Models - unlocks models that have been checked out by users in Author.


  • Verify - have the option of turning off/on verification issues that may be/not be of use to you.



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