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Managing User List in Library

Under managing your library section in BusinessOptix Showcase, User List comes as one of the options that can be managed. This shows all the users who have access to this library which can be edited. 

The user is given the option to edit or delete any of these users. They can also search for a particular user if they are unable to find this particular user if the list is too exhaustive.

If the user wants to edit a particular user, they just need to click on the 'Edit' button. They will see all the relevant details for this user open on their page.

If any of the details have been altered, then they can be saved by clicking on 'Update Information'. The page will refresh with a small green pop up at the top informing the user that the information has been updated.

There is also an option for deleting a user from this list. Upon clicking the 'Delete' button, the user will be asked if they are sure of this deletion. If 'Yes' is chosen, then the page will refresh and the deleted user will be removed from the user list.

Under 'Actions' there are two links visible when on 'User List'. 

'Add New User' allows for a new user to be added to the library. 

'Export to Excel/CSV' allows for the user list page to be exported to an Excel spreadsheet with all the users details. 


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