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Managing Access Controls in Library

Under managing your library section in BusinessOptix Showcase, Access Control comes as one of the options that can be managed. This shows all the groups of users that have access to specified files and folders. Sub-sequentially, these users in these groups will therefore have access to any sub-folders in these folders. Users that are not part of these groups specified will not have access to the folder, thus any sub-folders.

Users have the option to edit any of these details by simply clicking on the 'Edit' button. The changes made can involve the URL of the folder, the group that has access to this folder, if the group have read-only permission to the folder, and if a redirect URL is needed to direct unauthorised users.

Users also have the additional option of deleting any of the access permission details. By clicking on the 'Delete' button, the details associated with that particular folder permission will be removed from the page. 

Under 'Actions' in 'Access Control' there is an additional option available for the user to add a restricted URL.

Users are able to configure a URL that will only be available to a particular group of users that has to be specified. 




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