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Managing Groups in Library

Under managing your library section in BusinessOptix Showcase, Groups comes as one of the options that can be managed. This shows all the users within all the groups made for this library.


Users are given the option to edit the user members in a particular group. Under 'Edit' a description of the group can be added along with choosing which of the user members have access to this group. Each member can be chosen or not using the checklist box next to each of their names. Once the changes have been made, the user saves these changes by submitted the page.

If we uncheck a name from this list and save the changes, you can see this will be updated on the 'Group' page.


Under 'Actions' in 'Groups', users have the additional option to add a group to their library.

Here, a brand new group can be added straight to this library where the group name and description can be added, with an option for folders to be created for this group and a redirect URL. The users who are a part of this new group can be selected from a list of users who already have access to this library.




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