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How to create a Workflow Model

Workflows provide automated methods for managing approval and review cycles within a BusinessOptix Library.

When creating a new workflow there are three components used to create a workflow, Libraries Folders, Workflow Steps and Links.

When a Workflow Step has been added, the properties inspector will show what can be changed or added to this step. 

The name of the workflow step can be changed to something more appropriate.

Timeout is the time the file will stay at this step until it is automatically moved.

The status of the model can be set when the workflow enters a step in the model. 

References to other models or files can be added as well as a description of a step or folder.

When a Library Folder has been added, the properties inspector will change to show what can be altered or added to this. This specifies the folder where the document or model will be published. This can be edited next to Location.

For both Workflow Steps and Library Folders, the author has a choice of where a notification email will get sent to. Additional people can also be emailed by adding in their email addresses. Also, an email subject and message can be incorporated. 

By clicking on the model, the author can add details regarding the model as a whole which are displayed below.

The Quality Review section highlights all the review details. The author can specify how frequently the model should be reviewed, the review level the model is at, the current review status, who last reviewed the model with the date, the review decision and any additional details.




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