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Create a Variant of an existing Process

BusinessOptix caters for the management of Process Variants. The following are the steps used to establish variants in your BusinessOptix library and processes as required. How the Viewers and Participants would interact with these variants is outlined in the relevant Article.

Some important assumptions:

  • Users have a basic knowledge of the use of BusinessOptix (as an Author)
  • Variants are identified by the Location they are relevant to (other identifiers such as Product, Business Unit and other Master Data can also be opted for by Location is the default)
  • The Author/Analyst is familiar with BPMN and the concepts of Process Levels


  • If you wish to start using variants and you are unsure whether it is available in your library, or are clearly missing anything detailed below please contact support (

When modelling your business processes the need to have variant processes may arise, as per the above-mentioned articles there are various justifications. In BusinessOptix we have a simple but powerful set of features for cater for this need. The following example and steps can be followed to implement:


  1. When drilling down to a Level 3 process (say the HR: Recruitment process) where the majority of typical process variations would arise (there and perhaps even only in Work Instructions). The user can establish a variant process using the below setting in the variant (on the model level):mceclip0.png
  2. Where the original process is selected as a drill down the Viewers will now be presented with the appropriate options, once an option is selected the browser will 'remember' that selection from there onwards. For the Viewer and Participant experience see this Article

Final Note: Should you wish to set up your drill-downs or links from an Operating Model or similar Tool (using the Diagram stencil) you can predefine the relevant Variant for navigation onwards, see this Article.




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