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Viewing Variant Processes

From time to time when navigating and following process models in BusinessOptix a variant of a process that you are accessing may exist. This is usually the case as a result of regional differences but can be as a result of other drivers such as Products (For more info see this Article). 

When clicking on a link or drill-down where a Variant is present you will be presented with a dialogue that will give you the options relevant at that point:




And the Dialogue:




Select the relevant Variant or Location (again this could be based on other Master Data). Your choice will now be remembered and you will be presented with any variants relevant to the Location you selected until you next clear your browser cache (by closing the current browser tab for example).

On occasion, this selection may be mapped into a higher level navigation tool (such as the diagram) which may be presented in the form of say, an Operating Model, in that case, you will not be presented with the choice as it will already have been selected.

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