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Redacting role cost from process models

For some organizations the maintenance and application of role cost information is not something all process analysts are allowed to see, however they are often allowed to see and edit the rest of the business process. Access control can be used to configure which users are able to see the role cost information.

Where is role cost stored?

Information about roles is stored in master data. For each role in your organization you can add the hourly cost on the Details property tray.  Whether the role cost represents average gross salary or average fully loaded cost is a decision for the master data owners in your organization.

Where is role master data cost used?

Role cost can then be used anywhere that the role is mapped within BusinessOptix. The most common areas are in process metrics and process simulation. 

How do I apply an access control?

The access control can be applied by a library administrator, with access to the Manage menu.

1. In Manage create a Group (or use an existing) to assign the users who will have access to Role cost properties and click submit to save the configuration.

2. In Manage create an access control to limit access to the following stencil extensions to the Role Cost group from step 1:

System/Stencils/Roles/Role Costs v7.0.xbs
System/Stencils/Process/Process Costs and Revenue v7.0.xbs

3. Review other library configuration and apply access controls

What's the consequence of applying an access control?

The access control on the Role Cost and Process Costs and Revenue extensions mean that only users with access to those files will see any data captured on the role or process, either in Author or in the appropriate model outputs. The value of the properties is still retained in the model files and is not lost if a user without access saves the model. 

The access control does not remove the users ability to retrieve the data. Any extension, output or dashboard that derives information from the cost property may still retrieve or display the information about the role cost. If a user should not have access to that derived information then those elements also require an access control.



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