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April 2023 Release Guide

In the April 2023 release the following enhancements and fixes have been applied

Help and Guidance

Whether you are new to the BusinessOptix platform or a more experienced content creator we've made it easier to find more information.  

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In Author a self-help function makes it simpler to get to the knowledge base. You'll find a Self Help link at the bottom of the page in Author. 


We are also rolling-out mini-tutorials that will guide you through various features of the platform that you may need to utilize to complete your process mapping.

API Changes

A new API to generate an SVG thumbnail of a model diagram has been made available. You'll find more details in the OpenAPI definition in your library. The Model Changes API has also been extended to include the model version and status on model save actions.


The option of adding a stakeholder email address to a reviewer or approver has been removed. When the email address is not added, we use the email address associated with the username. Any models that have an email address associated will continue to operate. If the email address is no longer correct or redundant an author will need to edit the model to remove it.

BPMN Import has been extended to includes details of nested lanes and pools.

PDF Diagrams Output was not displaying change and future state diagrams correctly. This has been corrected.

SQL data sources with a model url configured for access control exhibited poor performance when a large number of models was in the result set. This has been improved.


Quality review workflow was sometimes incorrectly starting the workflow on the stakeholder version of the model. This has been corrected.

Additional improvements have been made for accessibility.


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