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June 2023 Release Guide

In the June 2023 release the following enhancements and fixes have been applied


Master Data Update in BusinessOptix Author

When editing a model in BusinessOptix Author and master data has been updated elsewhere, the updates are seamlessly applied to the model you are editing. Previously, authors were required to manually refresh the model they were editing to see the changes. Now, the edited master data is automatically available without the need for a model refresh. If you have the master data selection dialog open, you will need to close and reopen it to see the updated master data.

Immediate Check-In/Check-Out

In BusinessOptix Author, when you open a model that has been checked out by someone else, it will be opened as read-only. In the past, if you had the model already open in Author before it was checked out, you were still able to make edits. We have changed this behavior so that check-in and check-out actions are applied immediately.



Tooltip Delay — In a previous release, we made improvements to the accessibility of BusinessOptix Author by adjusting the behavior of tooltips. Previously, when moving your mouse over the toolbar, tooltips would appear unnecessarily. To reduce this occurrence, we have increased the delay before tooltips are displayed.

Source Button on HTML — When editing rich text or HTML content in a model, you may occasionally need to modify the underlying HTML. However, the button to enable this feature was not always visible. This issue has been corrected, and the button will now be displayed.

Process Models

BPMN Lanesets and white box pools were previously available in process models as an extension. Now, they have been added to the main process model stencil, providing easier access and visibility.

Model Import

Import Documentation — the documentation on model import available via the OpenAPI definition has been improved.

Author/Owner — When importing model information from other applications, the model author and owner were automatically set as the user who performed the import. However, if the source file includes author or owner information, we will now use that provided data.


Library user interface — your library administrator has the option to use a custom model as the homepage and "replace the entire library page." When the entire library page is replaced, all library navigation functionality is hidden until the user chooses to display it. Previously, users with the Viewer license type were unable to select this option. This behavior has been changed to allow all users to access the library navigation options.

Server — Models with square brackets in the folder or file name were not being removed from the database. This issue has been corrected.

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