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June 2024 Release Guide

In the June 2024 there have been a number of enhancements and corrections. These include:


Author now available in additional languages

We're thrilled to announce that BusinessOptix's Author suite now supports additional languages! Building on years of success in multilingual content creation and management, this latest enhancement allows your authors to personalize their Author interface by setting their preferred language. Starting with Spanish, we're expanding our global reach and making BusinessOptix more accessible than ever.

Contact your Account Manager or Customer Support today to enable Spanish or discuss adding more languages to empower your team with the tools they need to succeed worldwide.

author internationalization.gif

Authoring User Experience

Empower your content creation process with enhanced control and flexibility in BusinessOptix's Author suite:

  • Dynamic Tray Management: Authors can now fully control the width of the model and property explorer trays. Collapse or expand them to maximize your screen space and optimize your workflow.

Model Property Tray Slider.gif

  • Effortless Version Control: Made too many changes? Reload the latest version from the server with just a click via File…Reload. No more hitting undo lots of times!
  • Streamlined Link Editing: When editing process models, link routes between steps can sometimes become fixed. The new highlighting feature makes it easy to identify which links have fixed routes, allowing you to use the existing Relink feature to update them seamlessly.

fixed link highlighting.gif

Additional Enhancements

  • Image Hosting Control: Library administrators now have more control over where images are hosted. By default, images must be sourced from the BusinessOptix server, but you can whitelist third-party domains if your business needs require it.
  • Output Style Access Control: Manage legacy output styles with precision. Library admins can now restrict which author users can access specific output styles.
  • Bug Fixes: We've corrected an issue where a process model without a process map caused problems in Author.

Process Model

Labels on the links from/to a pool can now be positioned so that they do not overlap the link.

An embedded sub-process allowed the capture of metrics on the parent step. This has been corrected.

Enhance Your Workflow Efficiency with BusinessOptix!

Discover the latest updates in BusinessOptix designed to streamline your workflow management and improve your overall user experience:

  • Optimized Re-Submission Process: When a workflow needs to be re-submitted due to time constraints, users who have previously reviewed or approved the model will no longer receive redundant email notifications. Their previous decisions will remain recorded, eliminating unnecessary emails and keeping your inbox clutter-free.
  • Refined Quality Review Notifications: Quality review notifications will not be triggered if the model status is set to Withdrawn. Ensure the model is withdrawn from all folders (Shared, Stakeholder, Public) to prevent unnecessary reviews. Adjust your Approval workflow configuration if it automatically sets the model status to Active.
  • Enhanced Task List Visibility: The task list now includes details of any covering notes added to the workflow, providing users with complete information and improving transparency.

Experience a more efficient and user-friendly workflow process with these enhancements in BusinessOptix. Upgrade your workflow management today!

Elevate Your BusinessOptix Experience with Key Updates!

We’re excited to introduce important enhancements across the BusinessOptix platform, ensuring better security, performance, and user experience:

  • Enhanced Information Security: We've implemented changes to prevent the misuse of JavaScript within the platform, enhancing overall security.
  • Improved Translations: A select number of phrases have been updated in the Spanish translation of BusinessOptix for greater accuracy and user experience.
  • Server Performance Boost: The API returning folder details now operates faster, especially for folders containing thousands of files, improving your efficiency.
  • Authenticating Library Fixes:
    • The API now correctly returns the name of the authenticating library.
    • Library administrators from authenticating libraries are now properly recognized in authenticated libraries.
  • SCIM Integration Enhancement: Users can now be assigned to any Active Directory group associated with their user license. Upon accessing BusinessOptix, users will be licensed at the highest level they have access to, aligning SCIM behavior with single sign-on practices.

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