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Announcement Messages for Library Users

Announcement Messages

Learn how to create announcement messages that will be shown to all library users

What are Announcement Messages?

Announcement messages are used by library administrators to announce features or business changes to all users of the library. They can be set-up to only be shown to library users during certain dates. 


How do I create an Announcement Message?

Announcement messages can only be created by library administrators.

1. Select the Forms tab and navigate to New Forms.

2. Create a new Message form, one per announcement.

3. Fill in the form as required:

  • Title and messages are the content that you need to announce
  • More Information can be used to create a link to a model within BusinessOptix that has more information that the library user could be interested in
  • Show From and Show To are used to set the dates the message should be shown between
  • Message Type is used to color the message - danger is red, warning is yellow and info is blue
  • Message Style allows you to select between showing the message as a banner that appears at the top of the page or a pop-up that is shown when the user logs on
  • Message Sequence is a numeric value used to indicate the order messages are shown when multiple announcements need to be made. Messages are shown in ascending sequence number

When will the announcement message be shown?

Announcement messages will be shown to library users based on the dates the library administrator has put on the form.

Each message will be shown to a library user until it is dismissed or for pop-up messages the library user presses ok.

Once dismissed the announcement message is not shown again that day.

Announcements that span multiple days will be shown to a library user once per day.


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