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Create a Process Model from CSV

From CSV to Process Model


As an Author, you sometimes have to capture the high-level details of a process in tools other than BusinessOptix, for example, Excel. In order to save you the effort of manually transcribing the process definition into BusinessOptix, you can use the Import functionality to convert comma-separated value (CSV) files into a process model.

The library requires the CSV Process Import extension to be installed.

Importing a Process CSV into BusinessOptix 

Prepare the CSV

1. Download the CSV sample file from your library. You can find this is /System/Import/CSV/Process Sample.csv

2. Edit the sample CSV and add your own

  • Steps - the name of the step
  • After - which other step(s) does this one follow on from. If you have multiple steps then use a semi-colon to delimit them
  • Link Labels - what label do you want to put on the link
  • Type - is this a start event, user task, gateway etc.
  • RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) matrix - add the role name for each of these as appropriate
  • Systems and Locations -again add this information as appropriate. When there is more than one system or location use a semi-color to delimit them
  • Description - the description of the activity

Import the CSV

3. Log into your Library and from Author select Import.


4.   Select the CSV file you want to import


5. Select the Import format - Process V6.5 or V7.0 and where you want the generated model to be imported to.Screenshot_2019-10-09_at_14.30.53.png 6. Review the model that you've created, edit it. Or if you need to you can edit the CSV and then start again.

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