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Multilingual Model Content

When you have viewers of models who need to access your content in more than one language BusinessOptix can support translations in three layers:

  • Model Output Framework – headers and label text that is used in all Model Outputs
  • Model Stencil Output – headers and label text that is only used in a specific Output stencil
  • Model Content – your Author produced content that you are using BusinessOptix to manage

Model Output Framework

The dictionaries for the Output Framework are located in system/styles/html/locales. By default, your library will have an en v6.5.json and an en-GB v6.5.json file.

  1. To create a new language file copy the en v6.5.json to a file name that identifies the language and locale e.g. en-AU v6.5.json for Australian English, de-DE v6.5.json for standard German or de-CH v6.5.json for Swiss German. More details of the codes can be found here.

Unless you have a requirement to provide a country-specific language you can use the language code on its own, e.g. fr v6.5.json for French 

2.  Editing the file

"nav": {
  "feedback": {
  "title": "Feedback",
  "useful": "How useful did you find this?",
  "rating": "Your rating",
  "averageRating": "Average of",
  "ratedBy": "Rated by",
  "notifyChanges": "Notify me of changes",
  "notifyChangesUsers": "These users will receive notifications of changes",
  "notifyComments": "Notify me of comments",
  "notifyCommentsUsers": "These users will receive notifications of comments",
  "approve": "I approve this model",
  "notApprove": "I do not approve this model",
  "reviewed": "I have reviewed this model"

The translated text needs to be entered to the right hand side of the colons. For example

"useful": "How useful did you find this?",

Would in French become

"useful": " Dans quelle mesure avez-vous trouvé cela utile ?",",

If the text is not translated then it will be shown in English.

A sample of the Model Output Feedback section is shown below


Model Stencil Output

BusinessOptix stencils are highly extensible and one client's Process stencil can be different from another. To translate your stencil outputs please follow these steps

  1. Request BusinessOptix install the Translation Export extension in your library
  2. Load a model in Author of the type you wish to translate
  3. From Output select View Data and then select Translation XML v6.5
  4. This will produce an XML dictionary using the native language of the stencil (English for BusinessOptix mastered stencils)
  5. Edit the XML header to indicate what language you are translating the stencil too. For example change <language id="language" name="base"> to <language id="" name="fr"> to indicate a French translation.
  6. Edit each of the dictionary entries in the file. For example:

For a French translation, you need to change the id to indicate that it is the French translation and change the name to Rouge

<translation id="" source="" name="Rouge" />

  1. Save this file as Translation-<language code> v6.5.xbs in the /System/Stencils/<stencil type>/ folder of your library. Technically the filename doesn’t matter, but it’s useful to be able to find your translation in the future.

Model Content

BusinessOptix supports Authors creating model content in multiple languages. This is useful if you have to produce content like work instructions that need to be read by viewers in different countries.

In order to start creating translated content you need to:

  1. Request BusinessOptix to install the Translation extension in your library.
  2. Open the required model in Author.
  3. On the file menu, there is now an option to Translate.


4. Select the language you wish to translate the content (or pick from a previous translation).


5. Edit as much or as little of the model content as you require for the Output that will be viewed.

Viewing Multilingual Content

When a model has been translated anybody viewing the Output will be offered the choice of content language. This appears as a drop-down list of available translations.


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