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User Licenses and Access Controls

Users in BusinessOptix can be established with one of 3 different license types, additionally a user may also be granted Admin access. Access controls, related to content or features within the library could also be imposed. To provided a simple overview of these configurations please consult the below:

Feature Author Participant Viewer + Admin
Access content using purpose built navigation pages X X X  
Browse Library using Folders X X    
Author/Edit Models X      
Comment X X    
Complete Forms X X X  
Participate in Workflow X X    
Access Manage*       X
Admin Reports**       X

*Manage is a Utility in BusinessOptix provided to add/remove/maintain Users and configure the settings mentioned here and more.

**Certain Reports regarding User Activity, Notification History and others are limited to Admins by default.

Additionally the following Access Controls can be and are typically established during implementation through the use of Groups:

  • Maintenance and approvals of Master Data (Roles, Systems, etc.)
  • Maintenance and configurations of Model Workflows
  • Specifying/Limiting Outputs to specific users/groups
  • Specifying/Limiting Component Properties as visible/editable only to/by certain users (Authoring and Viewing)

Lastly certain capabilities supported by the platform, typically used in it's more technical configuration and extension are limited to specific users that the client can identify. We call these Developers and this access can be granted on request.

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