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How to disable major version editing in BusinessOptix Author

The BusinessOptix Author allows a model author to create and maintain major and minor version history that is then shown in the Document Control section of model output. In libraries that use Workflow to perform model approval and major version creation the version history rarely needs maintenance by model authors.

In this short How to, we'll take you through the steps of disabling major version editing, so that authors know they don't need to maintain the version control information.


Disabling major version editing is an administer only function and requires the user to have access to the Manage function;

The library must be at least the October 2020 stencil release

You should have a workflow set-up in the library that will increment the major version of the model, subject to the appropriate review/approval process.


1. Log in to the Library as an Administrator

2. Navigate to Access Control

3. Select Add Restricted URL

4. Browse to /System/Stencils/Core/ and select Workflow Version Control v7.0.xbs


5. Select a group that will continue to have access, Admin would be a common choice


6. Submit the access control

7. Log in as a user without administrative access

8. Edit a model in Author

9. In the left-hand sidebar, select Version/Add Version which will display read-only. The author will be able to add a version, but the version number will automatically increment the minor version. 


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