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November 2020 Release Guide

In this release of the BusinessOptix platform, we have refined workflow and enhanced accessing master data from the Author. We have also resolved some issues identified through customer queries and on-going testing.


We've made a small refinement to workflow when the next step required a 'Majority' decision we now move the workflow forward when the majority has been reached.

We have updated the Workflow Summary dashboard to include information about which users have yet to make a determination on Reviews or Approval steps.

In a small number of older workflows definitions, the validation in Author to check that the minimum number of reviewers or approvers had been set-up was allowing workflows to start when it shouldn't. This has been corrected.

[These changes require a library update]


In Author when you are reviewing properties that are connected to Master Data you can now click the selected Master Data item and view all the details held about the item.


In Author when multiple components or steps have been selected we've disabled inline editing of the name. The name property can still be changed across all the selected steps via the property editing tray.

Hyperlinked email addresses in step descriptions were being marked as an invalid URL in Verify. They are no longer reported as a Verify issue.

[Changes immediately available]

BusinessOptix Library

The model copy function did not allow you to copy a model to the same folder as the originating model. It now does.

In libraries enabled for single sign-on (SSO) with automatic creation of user accounts, it is now possible to set a default license type for new users.  This requires set-up by Customer Support.


In Organization Charts when the relationship between roles was created via Reports To and not through dragging a link too many links were being created. This has been corrected.

PDF Outputs of Process Models with customization of color schemes were not showing all colors configured. This has been corrected.

In Dashboards Detailed Cards with extra high cards, the text was being prematurely truncated. This has been corrected.

When a model property has a long text value it was completely visible in the property sidebar. This has been corrected.

[These changes require a library update]



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