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February 2021 Release Guide

The February 2021 release is scheduled for Tuesday 23rd February. This release guide summarizes the changes.


In Author, we've consolidated the options that tailor the information you are shown to the View menu. This functionality was previously available on the Property tray for the model, by moving it to the View menu you can more easily find the options and also continue to view your currently selected Step. 

The options we've consolidated include switching between Current, Future, and Change views; selecting the role to highlight in a process; and selecting whether information such as System, Responsible Role is shown on the diagram. Any library customization for filtering the diagram will also be shown here.


[Available Immediately]

Also in Author, we've refreshed many of the icons with an aim to simplify and standardize them. The same icon set has now been applied to the Author, process models, diagrams, dashboards, and data sources.


[Model icons require a library refresh]

And the final enhancement to the Author is some additional step/shape selection options. When you are editing a model it can sometimes be useful to edit all the steps of the same type. From the Edit menu, you can now select the steps or shapes by their type.


[Available Immediately]


Filter menu dropdowns have been changed to sort the dropdown into alphanumeric order.

[Requires a library refresh]

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