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April 2021 Release Guide


When an author is busy extending and updating a model it's easy to forget to save those changes. In this release of the BusinessOptix Platform, we've added an automatic save feature. With auto-save enabled any changes to the model will be automatically saved as a new revision every two minutes. 



The revisions that are auto-saved will be labeled with an auto-save description. An author has the option to temporarily turn off auto-save by unchecking the box. If there are any conflicts in saving the model then the auto-save will not go ahead and the author will be advised. A conflict could occur because the author has kept a tab open for a long period and the model has been changed since the tab was created; an author could have multiple tabs open for the same model and try and save from both; multiple authors could be making changes to the model.

Auto-save will be enabled on a library by library basis.


In other changes in Author

  • If a model is modified but not saved for 30 minutes then a warning message will be shown advising the author of this
  • When an author is getting a model ready for workflow we now prevent the workflow from being started when a stakeholder has been added but a user has not been selected

Workflow Tasks

Tasks from the user's task list were being prematurely cleared when multiple models were at the same step in a workflow. This has been resolved.


Tables in dashboards have had the simple type-ahead filter re-introduced. Additionally, there is now a visual indicator that the data for the table is being loaded.

A number of new dashboards have been introduced to replace older style reports. The dashboards are providing equivalent functionality and using the same data retrieval to the reports they replace. The reports will still be available in the library but have had their status marked as Withdrawn so that they do not show in the library or search lists. They can still be found via Library Browse or extending the search to include withdrawn models.

Process Mining

The CSV importer for Process Mining has received a few small enhancements. These include:

  • We've added more timestamp formats that we check for on automatic matching;
  • We remember column mappings from previous sessions;
  • When an individual row in the CSV is the cause of an import issue we identify the specific row in the file for better able rectification;


SS&C AWD20 (Beta)

For clients who use BusinessOptix in conjunction with SS&C Technologies AWD20 product, we have added an import and export option to enable the interchange of process models. A process model can be exported from AWD20 and then imported into BusinessOptix and then the same process model can be exported from BusinessOptix Author and imported into AWD20. 

An AWD20 extension is required to enable this.

Home Page

When diagrams are shown on the home page of a library we zoom them a little to better manage whitespace. In some diagrams, the automatic zoom was not as consistent as it should have been. This has been rectified.


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