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Feature Spotlight: BusinessOptix Catch-up email


The March release of BusinessOptix included a new daily Catch-up email that summarizes your tasks in BusinessOptix, notifications and a list of the models that have changed and/or are being discussed. 

The new email looks similar to this:



Please note: the BusinessOptix Catch-up is opt-in and can be self-managed by individual users on their library notification settings page and is available in all libraries.


How to opt-in to receive the Catch-up email

As you can see from the image below, if you go to 'My Settings/Notification Settings' in your BusinessOptix Library, you can now select 'Receive BusinessOptix Catch-up' and then select which day(s) of the week you wish to receive the email, when you are done, simply click 'Save changes' and you will begin to receive this new Catch-up email.



Be sure to watch for more Feature Spotlights here and in our new Client Quarterly newsletter emails which we will begin sending in June 2021.  If you are interested in receiving the Client Quarterly newsletter email, please contact Denise Taylor at




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