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BusinessOptix Quick Start Guide

Welcome to BusinessOptix!

The future has started and now you have the tools to help you control and navigate it. This guide will help you to find key areas of the platform.




Table of Contents

  1. Login
  2. User Profile
  3. Home Screen
  4. Models
  5. Forms
  6. Reports
  7. Activity
  8. Model Outputs
  9. Quick Access Grid
  10. Extra User Functions








Follow instructions from new user email for URL, User ID and temporary password.
Didn't receive an email?  Contact your administrator.




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User Profile

Click your user initials in the upper right corner to reveal your settings menu and switch between libraries (if you are associated to more than one library with the same user ID.)

My Settings - Change password, update notification settings and specify basic user profile details

Manage Library - Only available to users with Administrator rights enabled in BusinessOptix



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Home Screen

My Activities - Your role is responsible for the activities shown on this page

Links - Your library administrator has linked the content on this page for quick access

Bookmarks - Bookmark a page to appear on the home screen for quick access

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New Model - Quick start access to creating a new model or diagram using the BusinessOptix authoring tools.

Models - Process models, work instructions, organization charts and master data in your library.  Models may be filtered to search easily.

Browse Library - Browse the library for models saved in folders.

Import - Import an existing model from an external source.

Author - Create a new model or diagram using the BusinessOptix authoring tools.



Useful references


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New Forms - Forms created within the library available for use

Submitted Forms - View forms submitted by users within the library

Author - Create a new form or task using the BusinessOptix authoring tools



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Insight - Quick access to baseline and created reports within BusinessOptix

Author - Create a new report using the BusinessOptix authoring tools



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Tasks - Lists the tasks assigned to you with the library

Discussions - Previously known as "Forum" in earlier versions of BusinessOptix.

  1. Here you'll find a scrollable list of comments to activities within the library.
  2. Add a comment to a discussion


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Model Outputs

  1. Diagrams - View the HTML output of the model
  2. Document - Shows a document view of the model
  3. Zoom - Zoom In/Out on the model view
  4. Filter - Filter the model aspects to focus on role activities, current state, future state and tracked changes  
  5. Comments - View and make comments about the model
  6. Actions - Quick access to edit, share, print or save the model.  Review and Approve models in workflow.

process output 1-6.png

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Quick Access Grid

Many pages in BusinessOptix offers a grid view for users to click on to be more efficient within extensive libraries.

The grid view presents the user with quick access cards that provide some detail and single click access to the model, form or report.  Click the card to view the model in HTML.

  1. Type of model
  2. Description of the model
  3. Click the star to add bookmark. Click the eye for a quick view of the details



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Extra User Functions

  1. Search - Search within BusinessOptix, filter and sort results
  2. Recent History - List of the most recently viewed models
  3. My Tasks - List of tasks assigned for user
  4. Notifications - Notifications of models needing attention for user
  5. Help & Resources - Access to user guides, product tours and product update notes

A red dot next to the quick access icons indicates a new notification for that function.




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