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June 2021 Release Guide

In the June 2021 release the following functionality has been added and enhanced in the BusinessOptix platform.



Undo/redo has been enhanced to include changes across the whole of the model being edited. This means that as an author you can:

  • undo individual changes to model or component properties. When you have changed a property undo will navigate you back to the property tray and the property being undone;
  • undo diagram changes across multiple diagrams in the same model. When your editing session is across multiple diagrams undo will navigate you back to the diagram and then apply the undo;
  • undo changes in the order of components via the table of contents. Changes made to the ordering of components in a model can now be undone;


[Immediately Available]

Auto Save

In the April 2021 Release we commenced a phased roll-out of Auto Save in Author. In this release we are changing the default behaviour of a library and Auto Save is now enabled by default. When an author is editing a model they can disable auto save for that session.

[Immediately Available]

Additional Enhancements

When a process model has a current/future state transformation that includes added or dropped lanes, the links may be automatically laid out to take this into account when switching between current and future state views of the process.

[Requires Library Update]

Model Outputs

When an image is added to a diagram and the image is hosted outside of BusinessOptix the image was not displaying in model output. The image now displays.

When a library has deployed multiple output formats for a model type it was not possible request a PDF output of the model. This has been fixed.

[Requires Library Update]


When viewing a table that included date or timestamps, the table level filtering was not working completely. This has been corrected.

User Activity Dashboard now displays timestamps

When a table contains group headers, but the first column in the table was not a group header the table did not display correctly. This has been corrected.

When exporting a table to Excel and the data in a column content contained commas, the data was mis-aligned in Excel. This has been corrected.

[Requires Library Update]


When calculated fields are used in a table and the Javascript contains an error this was not displayed on viewing the form. This has been corrected.

When you link to model in Stakeholder and then view the form from the /Shared folder we remember that preference.

[Requires Library Update]


The Welcome email sent to new users in the library has been refreshed. An issue with not using the library name from Manage has also been corrected.


[Immediately Available]


Hitting delete multiple times on the same folder led to it being deleted from the re-cycle bin. This has been resolved.

The BusinessOptix logo used in favorites/frequently accessed links in a browser was pixelated on high resolution displays. This has been resolved.

[Immediately Available]

Process Mining

When multiple classifiers were selected in Process Mining CSV import only the first classifier was added to the Process Metrics model. This has been corrected.

Groups were not being mapped correctly on CSV import. This has been corrected.


Kanban reports were not able to display column headers that contained non-Latin characters. This has been resolved.

[Requires Library Update]


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