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July 2021 Release Guide

In the July 2021 release the BusinessOptix platform has 


BusinessOptix Workflow has been enhanced in two ways this month. Workflow can now be associated with forms and all workflows now run from the BusinessOptix database. 

Forms and Workflow

When an author is configuring a form they can now add a workflow to enable a review or approval process on the form content. The available options include:

  • Capturing via forms fields details of which user(s) or groups are the reviewers and approvers for the form submission
  • Adding a button to the form that when the user presses it a named workflow will be started
  • Configuring the form to initiate a workflow when it is first saved


You can get more details in the Knowledge Base on how to Configure Forms and Workflow.

[Library Refresh Required]

Database Driven Workflow

This one is a little more technical and behind the scenes. BusinessOptix's workflow has been upgraded to run from your library database. There are a number of technical reasons for making this change, one of which is that use of workflow across libraries has grown over the last 18 months.

Historically the workflow watched for the presence of a file in the Workflow folders, this file is no longer being used. On first run all the special files will be checked and removed. For some library administrators you may previously have used deleting the file as a mechanism to abort a running workflow. This is no longer possible and cancelling workflow is now carried out from Author.

[Servers will be upgraded, in phases]

Email Notifications

A number of the emails sent out have been rebranded. This includes Comment and Model notifications.



When the property sidebar is hidden and the author clicks on the component in the table of contents the property sidebar is now shown.

[Immediately available in all libraries]


Exporting a process model to Visio and the swimlane name text was not being rotated. This has been resolved.

[Library Refresh Required]


A numeric column in a table was not checking minimum and maximum values unless the field was required. This has been resolved.

The option to allow a user to create a new form was only available if the link accepted multiple links. This has been resolved.

Data sources for forms were not returning the form model id. This has been resolved.

[Library Refresh Required]


Export to Excel on a table was not applying the table level filter and was using headings from the data source. These have been resolved.

Tooltips on card lists were not always hiding after you stop hovering over the card. This has been resolved.

Simple card lists were not allowing you to select a color for the card. This has been resolved.

Hovering over a hyperlink in a table was not always displaying the thumb pointer icon. This has been resolved.

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