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November 2021 Release Guide

Data Sources

Lookups on Component Data Sources

mceclip0.png Component data sources have been extended to allow you to return properties from the lookup component. For example in a process model activity you may want to include information about the accountable role that is captured in Master Data.

Review the configuring lookups on component data sources article for more about how to configure this functionality in your data source.

Additional Changes to Data Sources

Component Data Sources can be configured to return the model type. This could be useful on union data sources when you are returning data from multiple models.

Access Control on Data Sources - we've extended access control on data sources. If a user doesn't have access to the data source then they can no longer be able to request data from it.

Union Data Sources with mis-configured data fields are better handled.

Form data sources with an empty date field returned 1900-01-01 instead of blank. This has been corrected.


An issue with dashboard configuration prevented you from drilling-down to a page earlier in the same dashboard. This has been corrected.

Charts with blank values in the category field were not displaying correctly. This has been corrected.

Other Issues

The notification of changes on forms with tables configured has been made more readable.

Trying to copy or move a model to a folder that already contains a model of the same name is now prevented.

Comments on deleted components in a model now appear as though they are against the model.

Comment notification emails with comments in non-Latin characters did not display correctly. This has been corrected.

The covering note on workflows was being displayed in email without line breaks. This has been corrected.

Moving models that have been published to Stakeholder to a folder that hasn't been published in Stakeholder caused an error. This has been corrected.

Diagram Only PDFs incorrectly add a blank page after each diagram. This has been corrected

Zip file import has been amended to allow upload to any folder the author has access.

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