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June 2022 Release Guide

In the June 2022 release of the BusinessOptix platform we've added new functionality to Author and extended and fixed functionality in other areas of the platform.



In Author when you are selecting an image you can now view a set of thumbnails or select by the filename. When you view the link dialog, click on the thumbnail icon just to the right of the search box. The link dialog is now also resizable, allowing you to view more images in one go.


Associated with this change we've also refreshed the file icons that are used here and in the Library Browse page. 

Selected Step Highlighting

When a step in a process model has a lot of links to or from other steps it's not always easy to see all the links. In Author (and model output) when you select a step we now also highlight all of the associated links.


Resequence your Model Table of Contents

The Model Table of Contents in Author shows the sequence that steps in a process model are ordered in your documentation. When a process model goes through a lot of change the table of contents order can become a bit jumbled up. This can also happen when you import content from another software tool, where the order of shapes stored wasn't important to your business users.

To aid your tidy-up of the table of contents we've added an option to sort based on the path sequence. From the Actions menu, select Sort and then Sort By Path Sequence. This is in addition to sorting alphabetically, the step code or manually moving the step up or down in the table of contents.


Property Tray

In the last release we made changes to the Property Tray that enable you to open multiple trays at the same time and for you to deselect the trays that you are not interested in viewing. We've refined the behavior of the property tray in a couple of ways.

When you select a property tray that is at the bottom of your screen whilst it was opened it wasn't visible, we've changed this so that the contents of the tray scrolls into view.

When you right mouse click on the property tray to select which trays to view it meant that your browser's native right click behavior was no longer available. We've changed this so that the right click to select trays is now only enabled on the tray title bars.

Icon Library

For some model types you may want to use icons to add some visual impact. We've added a library of icons for you to select from and you can select them anywhere you can add an image. In future releases we'll be extending where you can select icons and use them in forms and dashboards.

You'll find the icon library by adding an image and selecting the Icon folder.


External Process Autoname

When you set a step as an external process we now automatically name the step to the name of the process you've selected.


A complex undo sequence could sometimes lead to links looking like a saw tooth or jagged (see image below). This has been corrected. If you have models that display links like this you can correct them by selecting relink on each link or relink all to reset all the links in the model.


Other Platform Changes

Master Data Import

Master data import from a CSV or Excel file now gives you an option to have a column that represents the parent identifier. When you set a column to the parent identifier the master data created will be created as a hierarchy.


When you import or export BPMN models we've extended them to include more of the BPMN standard, including pools, information, data stores and labels.

Open API - form submissions

Your library specific, dynamically created Open API specification has been extended to include form submissions. If you want to create form submissions from an external application you can use the form submission API to create them.

Welcome Page

Some of the links on the Welcome page have been updated.

PDF Output

When selecting PDF Output for a model with images in very long folder names the image was not being rendered. This has been corrected.

Model Change Details

Model change details was sometimes incorrectly showing < or > brackets. This has been corrected.

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